Monday, June 22, 2009

Outdoor Play Area: Part Four - Tout Finis!


Before and After !
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Ta Da!

Here is the before and after of the child folk's outdoor play area.

What began as a wild and enticingly dangerous corner of our garden with an open window well etc ... has finally become rock soup and worm rescue HQ!

I really had my heart set on making some kind of flowing canopy/tent top to the kitchen, but in the end decided to top it with wood and shingles. Only some of the miles of bunting I made was used to trim the top.

I purchased four colors of oilcloth, stitched them together and stapled them under the kitchen top both in the front and in the back. Besides looking mighty cute, they keep the rain out of the storage space.

I used the same oilcloth to make reversible cushions for the wee benches.

The chalkboard is simply a stretched canvas painted with chalkboard paint. Mr. K had an extra canvas stretcher and I covered it with an end scrap of oilcloth and drilled it into the top of the chalkboard to keep some of the rain off.

The child folk painted the art on the wall and I used some varathane to coat them.

The burners are simply drink coasters purchased at Ikea along with the other kitchen accessories.

The best part of the play space is that it gets used rain or shine. So far it has been a restaurant, a castle, a dungeon, a ramen street stand, a space ship, a school, and a home for poor souls captured by the evil dragon and forced to live on Virginia creeper leaves and pebble stew.

When it gets muddy, I hose it down.

Summer fun!

You can see the entire process here: part one, part two, part three .

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