Monday, June 29, 2009

Western Party

Big K and Little K were both born in February, thirteen days apart. We celebrate with one big bash and this year's 'theme' was a western party. The entire month before, I busied myself making sheriff badges, stuffed wooden ponies, decorations, games etc ... but on the day of their party the entire family had a horrible flu that kept big K out of school for an entire week and Mr. K sick for three weeks. The party was cancelled.

Last Friday, we checked the weather, decorated the backyard, gathered our friends and shouted a big 'SURPRISE' to two shocked little people.

After the big reveal, costumes were handed out - cowgirl/boy hats and bandannas.

At my request, Mr. K made a cardboard cutout of a sheriff and each cowpoke had his/her photo taken.

The ponies that I had laboured over were finally distributed but there was a hitch: to earn a deputy badge, the cowpoke had to successfully complete the pony riding obstacle course!

Badges were decorated and the games continued.

We played the ol' standby of pin the tail on the donkey and a new one - slimy bug toss.
Thankfully it was a gorgeous day, but the sun was really intense so we took cover under the umbrella and enjoyed some lunch. Due to the heat, I pre-scooped ice cream and served it in ice cream waffle bowls with sprinkles and chopped brownies instead of cake.

While the cowpokes ate, I hid plastic farm animals around the yard. I had doubles and told the deputies that I required their assistance. A robber had stolen half of my farm animals and I gave them each one and they had to find the match to the pair.

After all of the animals were returned to me, they deputies received medals of honor and fake money as a reward.

The night before I had set my studio up as a general store. Each child was given a loot bag and got to go 'shopping' with their money. I chose marbles, harmonicas, whistles, rubber snakes, gummy snakes, lollipops, jewelry, barrettes and other little treats for the shop. The deputies went wild!

The Western Party was a success, despite the four month delay! All the little cowpokes successfully kept the surprise secret and participated eagerly in all the activities. Even the Sheriffs had a ton of fun. Yee-haw!

This is my face on roughly four hours of sleep.
A generous 'thank you' to all of our cowpokes for joining in the festivities and helping to make amazing memories for our family.

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  1. Looks like ya'll had a hog-killen' time, I myself, tend to beat the devil around the stump but by lookin' at these here photos, I am feelin' a big kick in the pants to get the buckaroo's party underway or I may end up payin' through the nose!

    In all seriousness, you are a great inspiration to all the moms out there!

  2. Hilarious Sara! I will have to get you to write the next party invites!

  3. Wow! Such attention to detail! The kids must have such a fun time : )
    Love the idea of the general store, so clever!
    Yee Haw xo


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