Monday, June 8, 2009



We Are All Household Pets in Plum

We Are All Household Pets in Boys on the Beach

We Are All Household Pets in Retro

We Are All Household Pets in Shore

I couldn't resist posting the new colours of prints in Mr. K's shop. They are available in individual cat 8.5x11" prints or these nine cat series. It's no surprise that I love the retro colours - but my favourite is the shore series ... it must be summer!

These are prints of an original oil painting Mr. K did of our blind bold cat Bochi. It's a tongue -n-cheek take on Warhol's Elvis, and I think it is hilarious. Fortunately, the child folk don't even know what a gun is and so don't really understand the image. They just think it's their tough blind kitty with an attitude.

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