Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Outdoor Play Area - Part Three

Here is the play area as it appears right now.

I sanded the kitchen area to remove the finish on the rustic bookshelf it once was. To keep costs down I used a can of stain that I had from a previous furniture refinishing job. The colour turned out quite nice. Next came the varathane. I used a clear outdoor deck and furniture varathane - the label said 'odourless' and it was surprisingly odour free (from my experience a lot of scent- free claims are just that).

I applied the four coat recommendation of varathane as this structure will be left outside. It was then screwed down to the garden wall for safety reasons.

Mr. K jumped in and built two little benches.

The first fits over the window well and pretty much covers the window entirely. The window is in our tiny furnace room so the loss of natural light was never a problem.

The second little seat is a box that fits over the root base of our virginia creeper.

I sanded, stained, and varathaned both of the little seats. You'll notice that they turned out much darker than the kitchen. This is due to the fact that the seats are made from pressure treated wood that we had lying around from our porch and fence build a few years ago. Normally this inconsistency would drive me bonkers, but it surprisingly doesn't bother me.

Once everything was put in its right place, I packed pebble stones into the remaining spaces. I am certain these will need replacing throughout the spring and summer as the child folk use them for soups and magic potions!!!!

The only thing left to do is decorate - my favorite part!

Stay tuned for the final chapter.

Thank you for stopping by.

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