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Via British Homes and Gardens, 08/2008

Via Domino

It has always been a non-existent colour for me.
I have neither hated nor loved it. It has just never come into play. I have never worn it, painted with it, decorated with it, or really ever noticed it.
It is little K's favourite colour and ever since this past gruesome winter, I have had it on the brain.
There is something so enticing about the luxurious depth of an eggplant purple that I can no longer resist. Cool yet enveloping.
For months now I have been working on an oil painting in my head (featuring purple) and it is just about time to lay it out on canvas. This will take some time and strategizing to work out, however, since Mr. K moved his studio from the dungeon to a proper space out of the house. I used to be able to come down stairs after the child folk were in bed and putter about on a painting at my leisure. It was perhaps the only perk of Mr. K working entirely from home.

I do have my studio, of course, which I draw, paint watercolour, and sew in - but it is not big enough for the size of canvas that I want to paint on ( 34"x 64").

Truth be told - I am an extremely messy oil painter.

So I will have to book some time at Mr. K's and get down to business.


  1. I always despised purple but these images from Domino make it look so good. xo

  2. I am sorry...I thought all of them were from Domino at first. I think they all make purple look good. xo


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