Sunday, March 29, 2009

Studio Redesign

May will mark the one year anniversary of Mr. K moving his studio out of the dungeon (our basement) and into the small bright studio on the second floor of a building that is still being renovated and leased to artists and designers.

The importance of natural light to a painter is akin to the importance of words to a writer. Our basement ceiling, though newly renovated, still bares the scars of the mess Mr. K made when he installed three different lighting systems in order to mimic natural light. Now he has sufficient.

As I have mentioned, his is a small studio (350 sq ft) and if it were only for the purpose of painting I would have left him to his own devices - but Mr. K's studio also needs to be used for meeting with potential buyers, commission clients and for studio sales. It needed to be, well ...presentable and organised. On a very limited budget, he gave me permission to pull it together.

This is the empty studio.

Here is a move-in image of the studio (Mr. K probably would have been content to work in this.)

This is the studio after my wee design.

The prints on the wall can all be purchased at Mr. K's etsy shop or at his website

With the exception of the expedit, carpets, magazine holders and yellow paint and pots (all from Ikea) the other elements were scavenged from the almighty craigslist or already owned by us.

The expedit holds every type of art publication imaginable, plus essential office supplies etc. The Ikea ps cabinet behind the chair hides even more.

I haven't photographed the painting supplies and storage areas - but will do so soon.

Aside: Please forgive my unsightly links - blogging is new to me and I am stumbling through as I go - I will figure it out eventually!

Thank you for stopping by.

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