Sunday, March 29, 2009

Scandinavian Design

I am very attracted to the bright cleanliness and sparsity of Scandinavian design. It always appears so inviting and pure and yet this aesthetic baffles me also. How can anyone live 'in' it - I mean really live in it - throw your coat down and kick off your shoes kind of live?
And what of child folk? Can they exist and thrive in this type of environment in all their messy splendour?
It seems that my perception of the stark white minimalist rooms that are presented as the hallmark of Scandinavian interiors as seen in many shelter publications - is just a tad off the mark.

The real life interiors of Swedes living in Stockholm couldn't be any further than what I imagined. The Jeu de Paume "Children's Rooms Stockholm" edition offers, in my mind, everything a child's room should offer: a safe place of comfort, inspiration, whimsy and exploration. I love the simplicity of it all - it is a true collector of vintage toys dream (read me). Each and every room is remarkably sweet, personal and welcoming.

I would love to share my favourites with you - but that would entail posting the entire book! So instead I will pick but a few.

Rut (2) & Erling (6)

Lily (3)

Rita (2)

For more information on "Children's rooms Stockholm" please visit Jeu de Paume

Photos Copyright of Hisashi Tokuyoshi and Jeu de Paume

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