Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rock on!

When I was a child, there was no better way to spend my day than to go searching for rocks. River rocks and any type of rock on the shore were my favourite. I loved rocks so much that when other girls were getting barbies and other girly presents - I got a rock polishing kit. It is by far the most memorable present of my youth (that and my record player that I shared with my sister and much later my stuffed ET, may it rest in peace).

My passion for rocks has not remotely faded over the years. When Mr. K and I were just married (and without children) I would easily spend half of our week's cottage vacation trolling the water's edge and filling two backpacks worth of back-breaking and beautiful rocks that now have a permanent home in my - you guessed it - rock garden!

Both of my children share my love of rock collecting - particularly Little K , who last week was taken to the hospital after she casually announced "Mommy, I put a little rock in my ear and it not come out." She is fine now, however, to keep her ever growing collection of rocks from venturing where they shouldn't, I came up with a temporary solution.

The child folk gussied up raisin tins with a little decoupage and ribbon. We cut holes in the lids to drop smaller rocks in. We made check lists of items to find and off we went on our adventure.

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  1. such a great idea! i can't thank my mom enough for teaching me to love nature and giving me endless supplies of left over ribbons and bits.

  2. I am glad she is doing okay. That's enough to give a mom a scare....ack! Too cute and I love the little tins. What a fun idea! I love river rocks too and collecting sea glass as well when I lived near the beach in Vancouver, BC.... miss it!


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